what is love definition?And why do we love? The real truth !!


what is love definition? Seriously, though, what is it? what is love? A verb? a noun? A universal truth? an ideal? A common formula of all religions? a cult? A neurological event? There is no shortage of answers. Some are fully included. It conquers all. This is all you need. All these comparisons are, however, … Read more

Why can’t someone bring liquids on the plane? you should know about this !!

What’s dangerous about a water bottle or your favorite perfume or cologne on a plane? Is it something to do with the pressure in the cabin of the aircraft? Can your liquids somehow play with the aircraft’s navigational system? That’s why they ask you to put your cellphone on airplane mode – maybe the two … Read more

Why is sitting bad for you for a long time? You should know about this!


Right now, you’re probably sitting down to reading this article and sitting for a few minutes to see that it’s okay. But the longer you stay, the more excited your body becomes. It sits there until you stand again and takes it for a walk. This may sound ridiculous. Our body loves to sit, right? … Read more