What is depression ? Signs of depression and how to handle Depression?

What is depression

The word depression is the main cause of disability in the world.In India, approximately 10% of adults struggle with depression because of exam pressure or financial pressure or family pressure. But because it is a mental illness, it is difficult to say that there is high cholesterol.A major source of confusion is the difference between … Read more

What are the benefits of good sleep at night? EveryoneYou should know about this!!

Benefits of good sleep at night

Today in this article we’re going to know about “What are the benefits of good sleep at night?”You are studying and playing for days, but you are still not ready for the exam. So what can you do? Okay, you can drink another cup of coffee and practice for the next few hours, but believe … Read more

Surprising effects of pregnancy !You should know about this.

Surprising effects of pregnancy

Today we’re going to know about surprising effects of pregnancy. Muscles and joints changes and jostle. The rapid rhythm of the heart increases speed. Blood seeps through the arteries and veins. During pregnancy, every part of the body changes. Ignited by a series of hormones, these changes begin as soon as pregnancy begins. A few … Read more