How to increase testosterone levels quickly? Awesome facts you should know.

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– Today we’re going to know how to increase testosterone levels quickly.

– Testosterone is a male sex hormone that plays an important role in muscle growth and fat loss.

– You can increase your testosterone levels by making some changes in diet and lifestyle.

– In this article, we are gonna know about how to increase testosterone levels quickly.

Benefits of high testosterone

So in the given below, there are some important beneficial symptoms that naturally visible to increase your testosterone levels quickly.

How to increase testosterone levels quickly?

Benefits of high testosterone

1. Reduce Facial Fat

• It is a fairly well-known fact that increased testosterone levels can make the facial muscles more prominent.

• The bone structure is more “chiselled” and angular.

• But, what most people do not know is that in men, testosterone levels also control by the facial fat distribution.

• In fact, a large pool of evidence suggest that ” higher the testosterone level, the less subcutaneous fat on the face “.

• I personally believe that high testosterone is the main component of awesome facial aesthetics.

• Testosterone can make the facial bone structure more angular, and it increases the size and thickness of the facial muscles.

• The lack of subcutaneous fat in the area increases estrogen creating ect, creating a strong, angular, defined face.

• Considering my belief on facial aesthetics only, I would say that the model on the image above has significantly higher serum testosterone levels.

2. Better Mood

• I have scanned through thousands of testosterone-related to the studies through PUMED, and some trends have leeds to many testosterone replacements…

• Men who have low – even hypogonadal, testosterone levels are often complaining about depression, irritability, anger, and poor quality of life.

• When these men increase testosterone levels (often through TRT), their quality of life, mood, and motivation increase dramatically.

• I can also relate to those studies on a personal level.

• As my testosterone levels have gradually increased over the years, my mood, success, and quality of life have all followed the trend.

• I truly believe that a large part of my business success, and my continued work ethic in the gym and in life.

• I can be traced back to testosterone-driven hunger for success and competition.

3. Increase in basal metabolic rate

• Men who have higher testosterone levels may eat slightly more food without actually losing weight, compared to men with low testosterone.

• In fact, there are two main reasons.

  • The former have know more about the given fact that testosterone directly inhibits from the formation of new fat cells.
  • The second is that, it is not well known about the fact that testosterone greatly increases from the basal metabolic rate.

• As a man who has an elephant’s appetite, I appreciate conclusions like these.

4. Women Love Testosterone

• This is a thing that can be easily understood by using just a common sense: Women – especially when they are ovulating – are more attracted to masculine men.

• In more details, women are attracted to men who have high testosterone characteristics, or just high testosterone.

• As one study also suggests that women are also attracted to the “smell” of high testosterone can be done.

• There is an evolutionary reason for that. As women subconsciously look for the best “genes” for their children.

• A man who has high testosterone levels is exactly what his subconscious mind is looking for.

• Men are subconsciously attracted to women who have high estrogen and progesterone levels.

5. Better Circulation

• There is one of the better blood flow around the body, which is not very well known but, it is beneficial for your high and increase testosterone levels quickly..

• Testosterone directly stimulates the enzyme nitric oxide synthase (eNOS). It is a fancy way of saying that it increases the production of nitric oxide.

• A molecule that widens and relaxes blood vessels and arteries.

• Here is the 2 reasons for why a high testosterone is good for your health-

*It is a good thing for your heart health.

*It is unhealthy and even clinically dangerous for low testosterone.

• Nitric oxide improves your workouts, improves the quality of your erections, shortens your recovery time after workouts.

• It simply makes your body to operate much more ciently, because the blood is more independent to flowing from form.

Foods that increase testosterone levels :

– Today we will learn about the Top – 10 foods that will increase testosterone levels quickly.

How to increase testosterone levels quickly?
Foods that increase testosterone levels

1. Oyster

• It is very rich in zinc which is important for sperm, health and reproductive function, and also increase your testosterone levels quickly.

2. Fatty fish and oily fish

• A results from a 2016 animal-based study indicated that fish oil can increase the semen quality and serum.

• Examples of fatty fish and oily fish oil include salmon, sardines, mackerel, tuna, trout.

• Fatty fish are rich in omega-3 fatty acids that increase testosterone levels quickly.

3. Ginger

• Ginger is a proven spice for naturally increasing testosterone levels. A study in Iraq showed that a daily ginger supplement increases testosterone levels quickly by 17%.

4. Pomegranate

• Pomegranate helps in the production of testosterone. The International Journal of Impotence reported that 47% of impotent men found improvement in their condition.

5. Eggs

• Eggs are fantastic source of protein, cholesterol, Vitamin-D and Omega-3 are all of which helps to increase testosterone levels quickly

6. Lemons

• Along with other Citrus fruits, lemon is known for a great testosterone boosting foods. It also helps to increase testosterone levels quickly.

7. Asparagus

• Asparagus contains folic acid,pottasium and Vitamin-E which are all essential for increase the production of testosterone levels quickly.

8. Leafy green vegetables

• Vegetables such as spinach or bananas are one of the best testosterone boosting foods.

• They are natural source of magnesium that has been shown to be positively correlated with testosterone levels.

9. Onion

• A studies have been done on male rats, where their testosterone levels is increase 300% by giving onion juice.

• Many peoples have since found that this certainly applies to humans as well as mice to increase testosterone levels quickly

10. Chocolate

• Chocolate is one of the top foods that increase testosterone levels quickly. Cacao has the highest amount of magnesium out of all the amazing foods in the world.

11. Pumpkin

• Pumpkin seeds are fantastic source of both magnesium and zinc which helps to increase testosterone levels quickly.

12. Parsley

• Parsley is a great food that helps to increase testosterone levels quickly and naturally, as parsley contains apigenin.

• Epigenin helps to stimulate testosterone production in the testicles.

13. Garlic

• It contains a compound called allicin, which can be useful to lower your cortisol levels.

• Cortisol is produced in the adrenal gland, where testosterone is produced.

• When your body is under stress, it produces cortisol and this can be affects to other body functions including the production of testosterone.

• So by reducing the amount of cortisol in your system, you allow your self-confidence to be produced more effectively by the adrenal gland.

• while garlic does not act as a testosterone-enhancing food. It is a cortisol reducer and Increase testosterone levels quickly by association.

Testosterone killing foods :

– So in the given below there are Top – 10 testosterone killing foods that destroy your manhoods.

How to increase testosterone levels quickly?
Testosterone killing foods

– If there are foods that can boost your testosterone levels there are also those that can kill your testosterone levels.

– If you don’t want your testosterone to drop there, Where is nothing complicated about how low testosterone affects your manhood…

-it is simple as ABC the higher as better and when it drops your manhood gets weaker.*

– In this article we will share with you Top – 10 testosterone killing foods that you need to avoid or remove from your diet.

1. Soy products

• There are a lot of studies in scientific journals such as from the human reproduction, they are found that soy can slash a person’s sperm count.

• In another research by Colorado State University who has found that consumption of soy products can reduce the production of testosterone.

2. sugar products

• Sugar soda,donuts cake and some other foods that are high in sugar can be considered as testosterone killing foods.

• In a study by Oxford University 25% of the 75 male participants who were administered a 75gm dose of pure sugar experienced have faced a little decline in testosterone levels.

3. Breakfast pastries

• The trans fats that you get from the margarine and butter that you take in the breakfast.

• Pastries you eat can cause a negative effect on the production of testosterone in your body according to the British Journal of nutrition.

4. flax seed

• Flex seeds are rich in omega-3 which is good for the health.

• However according to a study by the Duke University Medical Center these can lead to a decline in your testosteron levels because it contains high levels of the chemical called Lignin.

5. Alcohol

• when you consume alcohol, your body releases endorphins which can make you feel good.

• However these chemicals can also reduce the level of testosterone in your body.

• According to a study published by the Strengthen condition Journal having five or more drinks in a day can adversely affect your testosterone production.

6. simple carbohydrates.

• White bread, rice and other similar carbohydrates can result in weight gain. by Increasing body fat can increase the estrogen in the body and make testosterone less effective.

• University of Buffalo study published in diabetes care found that 40% of male subjects which are considered to be obese had low testosterone levels.

7. farmed fish.

• It is always recommended to consume fish, that are wild instead of farmed, because the latter contains significant levels of contaminants.

• In a research led by Ronald Heights PhD of Indiana University which involved studying 700 salmon purchased in stores from Edinburgh Scotland to Seattle Washington.

• It was found that these farmed products had 8 times more of the cancer-causing PCBs compared to other wild counterparts furthermore.

• They also contain dioxins from herbicides that getting exposed to these chemicals can lower your levels of testosterone.

8. Mint

• In a study published by the Journal of phytotherapy research, it was discovered that spearmint can slash your testosterone levels.

• In another study in the Journal of Urology researchers found that rats who drank peppermint tea have lower the testosterone levels compared to the group of rats that were only given water.

9. Licorice

• Licorice contains high levels of glycerol SiC is considered a testosterone killing food.

• According to one study by Paul Bergner published in medical herbalism male participants who were given seven grams of licorice tablets that contain point 5 grams of this acid .

• He had 35% lower testosterone levels in just four days.

10. cheese

• Many of the commercial cheeses sold in markets are created with the use of cow’s milk that is treated with synthetic hormones.

• Consuming of this can interfere with the natural production of testosterone in your body and mess with your sex drive too.

– So these are just some of the foods that you need to avoid if you don’t want to suffer from low levels of testosterone

– If you are already suffering from this condition it is recommended to seek the help of your physician and eat foods that can naturally boost your testosterone levels thank you.

Best 10 ways to increase testosterone levels quickly :

– So in the given, there are Top – 10 best way to increase your testosterone levels quickly –

How to increase testosterone levels quickly?
Best 10 ways to increase testosterone levels quickly

#1. To avoid the use of plastics or avoid drinking out of plastic bottles.

So instead you should try to drink from glass or stainless steel.

#2. Avoid eating of soy products, avoid eating soy protein.

Also, avoid drinking soy milk because again the soy is estrogenic.

#3. Limit consumption of alcohol and in particular avoid drinking beer, because of the hops.

#4. Now it’s better to limit the consumption of alcohol but, if you’re going to drink alcohol, I will suggest that vodka.

It is a better alternative to Beer. So limited consumption of vodka may be okay.

#5. To sleep in a darkroom for at least eight hours per night.

Again if we have a reduced the amount of sleep per night .

we were going to increase cortisol levels and reduce the testosterone levels.

So it’s important to get a good night’s sleep.

#6. The next thing we can do is, we can reduce stress through different types of relaxation.

So listen to music, doing yoga, doing meditation.. these can all reduce your stress.

They can all help to increase testosterone levels quickly.

#7. We can lose weight, so remember that adipose tissue or fats are contains aromatized enzymes.

So the more fat we have the more aromatize enzyme we have.

Remember that aroma taste converts the testosterone to estrogen. So you’re going to lead to lower levels of testosterone.

#8. Another thing we can do is, we can increase our consumption of zinc. Zinc can come from a variety of sources.

Some of the highest concentrations of zinc occur in oysters. You can also get zinc from beef, from pork, and also from poultry.

But if you are wanting to get away from the meat you can have other plant-based alternatives such as beans and nuts.

Things like that can also increase your zinc. they all contain a good amount of zinc.

#9. Another thing we can do is, we can increase consumption of healthy fats.

So remember that low-fat diets can lead to reduce testosterone levels and put emphasis on healthy fats.

So healthy fats like fish oil, plant oils like olive oil and coconut oil are good sources of healthy fats.

#10. The last thing we can do is we can have a healthy sexual life.

Signs of high testosterone levels :

Let’s know about the signs of high testosterone levels –

How to increase testosterone levels quickly?
Signs of high testosterone levels

Stronger and more pronounced jaw line

• Men with above-average testosterone levels have a squared and most pronounced jawline.

Wider facial area

• Extra testosterone also results in a wider and bonier the facial area.

• So high testosterone results in them having a wider,face, sharp cheekbones, and a stronger chin.

• Aside from the jawline extra testosterone also results in a wider and bonier facial area.

Larger Adam’s apple and a deeper voice

• We all know that boys have experienced the testosterone surges during puberty which brings above the changes on his body.

• Therefore a guy with extra testosterone has well-developed vocal cords muscles as shown by a big Adam’s apple and a deep voice.

Higher bone density

• Men with extra testosterone develop higher bone density, making their frame larger than other men.

• This can be noticed by measuring the bow area.

Wider shoulders

• If you notice a person who has never stepped inside a gym, but still has that inverted triangle upper body shape due to broad shoulders.

• Because his body produces higher amounts of testosterone than normal.

Lots of facial and body hair

• The ability to grow a full beard alone is a sign of high testosterone levels.

• Testosterone and its derivatives are the ones, responsible for accelerating facial hair growth.

Longer ring finger

• A study found that a guy received a dose of testosterone while in the womb. His ring finger will be longer than the average man.

Increased Strengths

• High testosterone means more muscle mass means more strength.

• This is why a boy with high testosterone does not have any trouble in the development of his muscles.

Higher metabolic rate

• Testosterone plays a large part in how your body uses and shows energy.

• since higher testosterone means that your over metabolism is on over drive, your body carries less fat and more muscles.

Increased sex drive

• Testosteron is a sex hormone, and the more of this a guy has ,the more susceptible he is, to his urges.

Reasons for low testosterone levels :

– Now we’re talking with seven reasons for why someone might have low testosterone level .

– so we’re gonna know about Top – 7 causes of low testosterone.
– we’re also going to know-how about the ways we can increase testosterone levels.

How to increase testosterone levels quickly?
Reasons for low testosterone levels


• One of the largest contributors to low testosterone levels are the chemical bisphenol-A and new bisphenol- A is found in polycarbonate plastics .

• So an example would be plastic water bottles.

• So a studies have shown that bisphenol-A or BPA lowers the testosterone levels in men.

• It is also lowers the levels of another androgen is known as End rust in a diode.

• It’s also been shown that men that go to fertility clinics nearly 90% have bisphenol-A or BPA in their urine.

• So bisphenol-A is considered as one of the largest contributors to low testosterone in men.

Being Overweight or Obese

• The reason behind is that, if an individual has more adipose tissue or more fat, the Adipose tissue contains an enzyme known as Aroma taste.

• Aroma taste is actually an the enzyme that converts testosterone to estrogen.

• So we actually reduce our testosterone levels by having more of this enzyme around.

• We’re overweight or obese it increases our risk of diabetes and diabetes has also been shown to reduce testosterone levels.

Reduced sleep

• So reduced sleep leads to increased cortisol levels or that stress hormone cortisone, it also lowers morning testosterone levels.

• In a particular studies have shown that reducing one sleep in a second half of the night can wake you up earlier than normally.

• our testosterone levels are lower if we were sacrifice our sleep on the first half of the night.

• When we first go to bed if we were to stay up later, it is actually not as bad as if we were to get up early.

• So that’s the another reason for why we might have low testosterone levels.

Dietary factors

• Now there are certain things in our diet that can actually reduces the testosterone levels

• There are certain things that we have get from of our diet such as vitamins and minerals, that are required for testosterone production.

Soy protein or soy foods

• One thing that someone may eat that can actually reduce the testosterone levels is soy protein or soy foods.

• Now it’s been shown that soy is similar in structure to estrogen and this can lead to suppressed levels of testosterone.

• As I mention that some things are required in our diet to production of testosterone.

• If we have a diet that’s very low in fat, can leads to reduced the testosterone levels also a deficiency in the mineral zinc.

• Also reduces testosterone levels. This is because zinc is more important in increase your testosterone levels quickly

• So if we have a deficiency in zinc we will have lower testosterone levels and also any deficiency in vitamins-E and C also can reduce testosterone levels .

• This is because vitamins-E and C actually help maintain zinc levels.


• This is again because of increased cortisol levels. So again as we mentioned before cortisol is a stress hormone.

• In fact Increasing of cortisol levels that directly act on the brain to increase the level of hormone gonadotropin inhibiting hormone.

• This can leads to reduced the testosterone levels but, it reduces the testosterone production.

• So stress can lowers the testosterone levels.

Consumption of Alcohol

• This is especially important with the consumption of beer. Beer is extra genic.

• So again if we have something that’s estrogen it’s going to lead to reduced levels of testosterone.


• Now the low testosterone levels actually can lead to a lower desire for sex. Lower desire for sex can actually lead to lower testosterone levels .

• so it’s a vicious circle of cause and effect.

All of these things can lead to increase your testosterone levels quickly and can ultimately lead to healthier more energetic life for many men . that may suffer from low testosterone levels so anyways, guys, I hope you found this article helpful.

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