History of tattoos?And what Makes Tattoos Permanent?


The history of tattoos is at least 8000 years old. Tattoo mummies around the world point to the universality of body modification during the millennium, and to the fact that you were actually stuck with it forever if your civilization didn’t get around to inventing laser removal. A mummy from Chinchoro culture in pre-Inan Peru … Read more

What would happen if you stopped washing your face for a month?


You wake up in the morning and go to the bathroom and give your face a refreshing and refreshing wash. But what if you stopped washing your face for a whole month?Will your face be smooth and red with pimple or will it be exactly the opposite ?? Before you find out, click on the … Read more

What is depression ? Signs of depression and how to handle Depression?

What is depression

The word depression is the main cause of disability in the world.In India, approximately 10% of adults struggle with depression because of exam pressure or financial pressure or family pressure. But because it is a mental illness, it is difficult to say that there is high cholesterol.A major source of confusion is the difference between … Read more