What is depression ? Signs of depression and how to handle Depression?

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The word depression is the main cause of disability in the world.
In India, approximately 10% of adults struggle with depression because of exam pressure or financial pressure or family pressure.

But because it is a mental illness, it is difficult to say that there is high cholesterol.
A major source of confusion is the difference between having depression and feeling just depressed.

Almost everyone feels from time to time. Getting a bad grade, losing a job, reasoning, even a rainy day can bring feelings of sadness.

Sometimes there is no trigger. It just comes out of the blue. Then the circumstances change, and those sad feelings disappear.

Clinical depression is different. It is a medical disorder, and it will not go away just because you want it to.

It lasts continuously for at least two weeks and greatly interferes with the ability to work, play or love.

Depression can have many different symptoms/ Signs of depression:

These are the signs of depression

  • A low mood,
  • Loss of interest in things you would normally enjoy,
  • A change in appetite,
  • Feeling worthless or overly guilty,
  • Sleeping too much or too little,
  • Poor concentration,
  • Restless thoughts of restlessness or lethargy,
  • Loss of energy, or suicide.

If you have at least five of those symptoms, then according to psychiatric guidelines, you are eligible for a diagnosis of depression.

Signs of depression
Signs of depression

And it’s not just behavioral traits. Depression has physical indication inside the brain in our body.

First, there are changes that can be seen with the naked eye and X-ray vision. These include the small frontal and hippocampus volumes.

On the more microscopic, depression is associated with a few things: abnormal transmission or deficiency of certain neurotransmitters, especially serotonin, norepinephrine, and dopamine, specific changes in the circadian rhythm, or REM, and changes in the slow-wave parts of your sleep cycle. . And hormone abnormalities for e.g- high cortisol and deregulation of thyroid hormones.

But neuroscientists still do not have a complete picture of what causes depression. There seems to be a complex interaction between genes and environment, but we do not have a diagnostic tool that can accurately predict where or when it will appear.

And because the symptoms of depression are intangible, it is difficult to know who might look alright but is really struggling.

According to the National Institute of Mental Health, it takes the average person suffering from a mental illness of more than ten years to ask for help.

But there are very effective treatments. Medications and therapies complement each other to promote brain chemicals. In major cases, electroconvulsive therapy, which is also know as a controlled seizure in the patient’s brain, is also very helpful.

Other promising treatments such as transcranial magnetic stimulation are also being investigated.

So, if you know that someone is struggling with depression, encourage them, slowly, to look for some of these options. You can also offer to help with specific tasks, such as seeing a doctor in the area or making a list of questions to ask a doctor.

For someone with depression, these first steps may seem impossible. If they feel guilty or ashamed, indicate that depression is a medical condition, such as asthma or diabetes.

This is not a weakness or a personality trait, and they should not expect themselves to get more than this to get on a broken hand.

If you have not experienced depression yourself, avoid comparing the time you felt. Temporary feelings of sadness may make them feel guilty for the conflict, compared to the normal they are experiencing.

Even just talking openly about depression can help. For example, research suggests that asking someone about suicidal thoughts actually reduces their suicide risk.

Open talk about mental illness helps erase stigma and makes it easier for people to ask for help. And the more patients seek treatment, the more scientists learn about depression, and receive better treatment.

How to handle depression ..?

When you had depression as a child and when you struggle with it in adulthood, a very big piece of you will be lost.

This means that you do not know who you are and what you want from life. You have an idea, but it is not enough. With depression, you develop into an unfamiliar person.

How to deal with depression

Realizing that you are missing a lot of opportunities and wanting to be involved in a lot of fun events, you had a friendship that broke for years due to the separation of yourself.

There were places that no longer exist, but if you had energy you could go. When you get out of the grip of depression; Life seems strange, hostile, deceptive and dangerous.

You don’t know how to move forward and a part of your brain is trying to convince you to go back to your old self. Please do not listen to me hold the side that longs for life with hope.

If you are angry, use it to push towards your goals and dreams. Take a “step” every day and don’t look back. Your past is no longer serving you and the future is unpredictable.

You only have the present moment, so appreciate it. Don’t look at yourself as a victim. Believe you survived when you have a bad idea. Think about three positive things and tear it down.

You are an artist of your own life and imagine creating a masterpiece that you want to live. Proud to be five years old. Start with a new hobby that you want to try your whole life.

Start searching for schools and universities that will lead you to your dream job. Sign up for a club or class that will introduce you to new people. Surround yourself with family and friends who will support you in bad times.

Fighting life is not easy, especially if you do not have the knowledge, tools and resources. You will question yourself and there will be moments when you constantly doubt yourself.

But don’t worry, this is normal. Your mind is designed to protect you. This is the only phase when your brain knows that you have always been in pain.

I can promise you when you start facing your fears.

Join the millions who are trying to make life worth living, you are not alone, be inspired by others. Get help and guidance as needed. This is a problem when you get stuck somewhere.

Look for ways to strengthen yourself. Search for solutions if you can’t find it, in addition to making a mess of yourself, create a solution. There is no magic formula to live a happy life.

Each of us will deal with challenges in a different way. I really want to give you the courage to survive, not just survive.

Trust your ability, give yourself love because your presence matters, if you like, you can share your own story with us in below comment.

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