What would happen if you stopped washing your face for a month?

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You wake up in the morning and go to the bathroom and give your face a refreshing and refreshing wash.

But what if you stopped washing your face for a whole month?
Will your face be smooth and red with pimple or will it be exactly the opposite ??

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First of all, let us see why it is important to wash face for the first time and what does it do for your skin?

Of course, it helps you get rid of makeup residue oil dirt and whatever other unwanted substances accumulate on your face.

What if you don’t wear any makeup? New York-based dermatologist Dr. C JAL Shah explains that your skin is still in contact with germs, dirt, air pollutants, oily sweat, dead skin cells and any moisturizer and sunscreen you apply.

When you stop scrubbing your face all this matter closes the pores of your skin and does not give your skin a chance to renew itself while sleeping.

This is likely to give you that itchy feeling and as you give your skin a good scratch, you are at increased risk of infection and breakout.

This does not look lyk right at all.

Well, the severity of the results of not washing depends a lot on your skin type current skin condition and the makeup and skincare products you use.

For example, if your skin is oily and you stop washing it together, you will definitely get more breakouts in oil production.

If your skin is dry and you say goodbye to both the water and the cleanser, then it will look even more dry and look dull.

And the beauty rituals and products after your cleansing moisturizer foundation blush powder and so on will not give you the desired effect, as they will now clash through a layer of impurities for your skin.

At this point, not washing your face at all sounds like a total beauty killer.

However, there are cultures and places around the world where women do not wash their face because there is no water.

Still, they have beautiful and clean skin with acne or breakage marks. Dermatologists tell doctors that what works for women does not necessarily work for everyone.

It is a matter of –

  • genetics,
  • skin type,
  • age,
  • hormones,
  • lifestyle and
  • environment.

If you are not ready for such radical experiment or not, then it will not work for you in the big city living here as an option.

What if I said that you can eliminate one basic ingredient from your whole facial routine and get amazing results in just one week. That basic ingredient is water.

Washing water seems like an impossible metaphor. But it is actually a very popular trend rather than stripping your face with water. You use a cleanser or skin toner and continue with your regular makeup routine.

The benefits of this method are supported by science. Research from the University of Michigan in 2016 proved that avoiding water and leaving your skin feeling dirty. Allows your face to maintain the right balance of bacteria in your skin.

Dermatologist doctor says that whenever you wash your face you destroy natural oil skin blocker. This is especially bad for people with dry and sensitive skin because water on your face, paradoxically, only makes your skin dry in addition to stealing its vital oils.

When you don’t expel your skin with water, you retain the surface bacteria, allowing your complexion to regulate itself.

Washing your face once a day with a cleanser, before you go to sleep before you lose a lump of dirt in the day, but if you leave it, you’ve guessed that it’s a layer of oil and dirt There are forces that will relieve you from acne, and inflammation

Washing your face

Cleansing your face in the evening rather than in the morning may seem like a foreign concept, but if you remove it from your face most of the morning, the remains of your overnight beauty products if you wear them.

Let’s imagine that you have normal skin with minor problems like blackheads and you decide to eliminate water from your morning facial routine for a month.

Now you have to choose different cleaner options. If you go for a micellar cleanser. It is enough to dab on your skin without just rinsing.

Cleansing wipes can make your pads easier to use if you go for a mineral based cleanser cream cleanser or cleansing milk and wipe it with a tissue.

Finally, if you opt for coconut oil, rub it into your skin with your fingers. On the first day of the experiment you will struggle to overcome the natural morning recovery to give your face a break.

Put on some light make-up to avoid messing up your skin and overloading your pores to get there.

During the day you will feel that your skin is taller than normal, but it has no disastrous results, so far you use some mild cleansers such as rose water toner before bed and it is for the day.

The next day you get up and run to the bathroom to look in the scared mirror.

Will you do You think your fears were for nothing. Your face looks completely fine, which you have applied in some light make-up and cut to work for school.

Part of the surprise here also comes when you expect to feel uncomfortable with too much natural oil on your face, your skin may react to you against dryness.

In this way it tries to balance its natural oil levels. Later, in the first week, you can still find yourself on that oil to dry the roller coaster.

You’ll eventually get to the point where you notice your blackheads disappearing and any large pimples disappearing. After a month of waterless washing, you will find that your skin not only survived the experiment but also thrived and became a winner.

There is none of the big breakout dirt that you have so dreaded that you have a perfectly normal and even happily glowing glow. What kind of magic is this?

It is biology and you find out your own ways to heal and balance the oils and bacteria in your skin naturally.

As an added bonus, you get 10 to 15 minutes of extra time in the morning. If no longer given, you now apply less makeup.

So will you sleep at breakfast or work on time? It all sounds very good. There are two final things that you must remember in order for all this to work for you.

  • Do not use any type of cleanser excessively because the condition of your skin depends a lot on your environment. Urban residents need more cleaning than they enjoy life in rural areas.

But even if you live in Manhattan, this is not a reason to deeply scrub your face.

Once a day should be enough to not waste the balance of that important oil and bacteria.

  • “You think the right cleanser for your skin uses it every day. No matter how tired you are after 3pm, and before you’re celebrating your best friend’s birthday, before Be sure to use your cleaner as you leave for Dreamland.

This way you will get rid of the unnecessary application of makeup and dirt on your skin and you will get a healthy glow.

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