Why is sitting bad for you for a long time? You should know about this!

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Right now, you’re probably sitting down to reading this article and sitting for a few minutes to see that it’s okay.

But the longer you stay, the more excited your body becomes. It sits there until you stand again and takes it for a walk.

This may sound ridiculous. Our body loves to sit, right? Not necessary. Certainly, sitting for brief periods can help us recover from stress or recover from exercise.

But now-a-days, our lifestyles sit far higher than what we sit on, and our bodies are not simply meant for such a sedentary existence. In fact, it’s not true just the opposite is true.

The human body is designed to move, and you can see evidence of how it is structured. We have more than 360 joints, and about 700 skeletal muscles that enable easy, fluid motion.

The unique body structure of the body gives us the ability to stand upright against the pull of gravity. Our blood depends on us to roam properly.

Our nerve cells benefit from movement, and our skin is elastic, meaning it slopes into our motions.

  • So if every inch of your body is ready and waiting for you to move, what happens when you just don’t do that?

Let’s start with the problem of the backbone . Your spine is a long structure made up of bones and cartilage discs that sit between them. The joints, muscles, and ligaments that attach to the bones all hold it together.

A common way to sit is with a curved back and bent shoulders, a position that puts uneven pressure on your spine.

Over time, it causes wear and tear in your spinal disc, overwork some ligaments and joints, and stretch on the muscles that stretch to accommodate the curved position of your back.

This hump shape also shrinks your chest cavity while sitting, which means that you have less space to expand your lungs when you breathe.

This is a problem because it temporarily limits the amount of oxygen that fills your lungs and filters into your blood. Surrounding the skeleton are the muscles, nerves, arteries and veins that form the soft tissue layers of the body.

The very function of sitting squash, pressures and compresses, and these more delicate tissues actually feel bruised.

  • Have you ever experienced numbness and swelling in your limbs while sitting?

In the areas that are most narrow, your veins, arteries, and veins may become blocked, which limits nerve signaling, causing numbness, and reduced blood flow to your organs, causing them to swell. It happens.


Prolonged sitting also temporarily neutralizes lipoprotein lipase, a special enzyme in the blood capillary walls that breaks down fat in the blood, so when you sit, you burn fat as well as when You almost don’t burn even when you roam.

What is the effect of all this stagnation on the brain?

Most of the time, you probably sit to use your brain, but the irony is that longer periods of sitting actually run counter to this goal.

Stabilizing reduces blood flow and the amount of oxygen from your lungs enters your bloodstream.

Your brain needs to be conscious of both of those things, so your concentration level is most likely to slow down your brain activity.

Unfortunately, the bad effect of sitting is not only in the short term. Recent studies have found that prolonged sitting is associated with some types of cancer and heart disease and may contribute to diabetes, kidney and liver problems.

In fact, researchers have worked out that, worldwide, famine causes about 9% of deaths in a year. He is more than 5 million people.

So what seems like such a harmless habit really has the power to change our health. But fortunately, the solution to this growing threat is simple and intuitive.

When you have no choice but to sit, try switching the slouches for the stretcher spine, and aim to rotate as much as you can while you don’t need to be tied to your seat, perhaps every time. By setting yourself a reminder to get up and move your body to feel free.

But most, simply appreciate that bodies are built for speed, not for peace. In fact, since the video is almost over, why not just stand and stretch? Treat your body for a walk. This will thank you later.

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